Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Oughtta Here!!!

Sorry porn fans, Big Jilm is retiring from being an internet pornographer. It's been nice. Good bye.

Keep watching out for new Cassie Young stuff, and all the great new porn sluts that seem to emerge every week. Happy stroking!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's "Money Shot Moment" with Brianna Blaze

Since Cassie Young came out of retirement better than ever, Big Jilm is hoping Brianna Blaze will do the same thing. She was kind of "here today, gone later today" in her porn career, but she made a huge impression on Big Jilm.

Kimberly Kane is Open For Business

Klub Kimberly Kane is officially open! The pay section with all the crazy content she's been hyping for so many months is now available. The site looks pretty good. Big Jilm will join once she initiates that fan fuck club thing she alluded to a month or so ago. I would be on that shit in a heartbeat!!

The Cassie Young Comeback Continues!

Cassie Young has yet another new title that has just been released. Drive Thru 3 from Zero Tolerance is available now. Big Jilm just ordered it and paid extra for next day shipping! Once again, Cassie looks amazing and she is still no-condom in her scenes (true porn sluts let you go bareback!!). Full report after viewing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cassie Meets Brittney

Just found this shot of my girl Cassie Young along with the nearly as hot and slutty Brittney Skye from this year's AVN convention.

New Cassie Young Movie - 'Teen Idol 2' out May 5

Big Jilm dream girl Cassie Young will have another new movie coming out on May 5. The title is 'Teen Idol 5' and it comes from Smash Pictures. I found a few awesome new shots of Cassie from the movie and have posted them in the pictures section of her Yahoo! Fan Club. I have one shot here, plus the box cover. Cassie is just getting better and better looking in each new photo session! Damn!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cassie Young's Yahoo! Group Now Over 500 Members

And still counting.

Kimberly Kane Web Site Update

Kimberly Kane has been making progress on her official website Klub Kimberly She started posting new pictures pretty regularly in the blog section of her site which she calls "Bad Advice." In her "Kontraband" section, she is now selling panties and socks that she has worn along with signed copies her most famous movie Stuntgirl.

Her pay sections of the site are still forthcoming. She does offer visitors a free clip from Stuntgirl, and of course the ability to buy her tube socks. The new pictures are awesome, among the best I've seen of her. She's gotten a lot skinnier in recent months. That's probably from all the exercise, right? Make sure to check out her site and mention ole' Big Jilm when you get there. She loves hearing from the weirdos that read this blog.

Too Funny

I just had to post this pic.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Big Jilm's New Porn Slut -- Michelle B

Michelle B is Big Jilm's Porn Slut of the Day for today. This big-titted Brit caught Big Jilm's eye in a scene from the My Sister's Hot Friend website. She looks a lot more like a high end stripper than a porn slut, but she is near the top in terms of nastiness. Though she's been in the biz since '01, I had heard of her until recently. She has done over 50 movies so far. She has a modeling portfolio online here. Just nude and semi nude pics though.

Happy Birthday Temptress

Happy birthday to late 90s pornslut Temptress. This Wicked girl looked a lot like Big Jilm fave Cheyenne Silver, and a little like Brooke Shields (she has appeared in movies as Brooke Sheelds). I have no info on her real age.